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General Tip: 
F/H Topspin:
Receive of Service:
Topspin (3 types)
Chopsticks and Business Card

I have listed below some tips for better play that I gained from visiting Tamasu Co many years ago.

 General Tip:

Relax at all times; shoulders loose, knees loose, feel weight of racket - let the racket weight work for you.  

Body position should be compact to produce maximum power and also benefits balance. Feet wide apart, knees bent.   

F/H Topspin:       TOP   

As above, relax shoulders and knees and keep a compact position

Short backswing, long follow through.

You should be looking for racket to be fastest about 18 inches past the actual ball contact point (see Chopsticks below)

Left elbow (for R/H player) should be close in to body and at right angle. Free hand to move up in unison with racket hand and for fast drive ends as if catching a basketball to the top left of body.                 

B/H Topspin:       TOP

Free arm held up and out, creating space to play shot; always compact

For slow/medium topspin, let ball come to near belly button before playing stroke.


Long backswing, short follow through.

A variety of serves is essential. Mainly short, various spins. One out of five fast and deep.

Service should be made and linked with follow-up (thought out before service)

Receive of Service:      TOP

Body always compact;

Move as close as possible to the ball;

Hit ball on top of bounce;

Arm movement fast and short with good follow through;

Against short ball with chop - blade angled back and brought over ball;

 Against short topspin - blade angled forward;

Watch ball on first contact with table to gauge type of spin. Can you see trademark ?

When receiving a serve wide to F/H (when you are standing on B/H side), move straight across and hit ball on top of bounce. Do not move backwards.

Topspin    (3 types)    TOP

Loop:        Arm action / blade angle near vertical. Place short over net

Drive:        Arm trajectory / blade angle more forward. Place deep at back of table

Sidespin:    Contact ball on top/side. This is a way of getting ball to land on table as it will drop quickly when over the net.

F/H, B/H Footwork:    Transfer of weight should be from back to front and forward NOT sideways. Feet positioned fairly wide apart.

Chopsticks and Business Card        TOP

In order to demonstrate that, when playing a forehand topspin or smash, it is best imaging that you are moving the racket hand fastest about 18 inches past the actual ball contact point ( you will actually be fastest on contact), their is an experiment that you can do.

Get a wooden chopstick and an ordinary cardboard Business Card.

Have someone hold the chopstick on outstretched index fingers about waist height. Fingernails facing the ceiling. Elbows held close to body.

Hold the bottom of the business card about half way along, in your hand firmly, and looking about 18 inches past the chopstick, and to be at top speed at that point, chop through the chopstick. You need to breathe deeply from stomach and breathe out fast as you strike Go to chopstick and back three times before the final chop. Be very careful not to injure person. 

If you get it right, the chopstick will be in half and the business card still intact.