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Old Photographs from Ian Stennard.







Marilyn Knight Visits STTTA Centre

It was good to see Marilyn Knight at the Kingston centre recently. Marilyn was a State Representative in the 1970's.

New plastic balls breaking early

Let's hope the production technology for plastic balls improves over time as they appear to break easily at present. The coming cold weather will no help. I hear that Nittaku and Butterfly are not supplying celluloid balls.

TTTA Metal Badges now available - Limited supply

The Tasmanian Table Tennis Association metal badge is now available after an absence of nearly 20 years. The badges sell for $3.50 each

Buy some now to swap at National / International Championships.  Badges are available from Doug McLean.


Old Newspaper Article - 1964

Click here to see article


Old Veterans Entry Form

Ian Stennard thinks this is the entry form for one of the first, if not the first, exclusively veterans championship in Australia. See entry form here


Tasmanian Open - 1962

Click on these links to view the 1962 Tasmanian Open Entry Form. Page One, Page Two, Page Three.


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2010 Tasmanian Rankings

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Old 'Mercury' Newspaper articles

If you go to this link you will be able to read articles on Tasmanian Table Tennis going back many years. Very interesting to read. At one stage a player in Hobart interrupted his matches to nick over to the RHH to perform an appendectomy, then return to continue playing. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO READ.

This link will take you to the main table tennis index.

They had 240 entries for the Southern Open in 1953.


Shibuya Higashi-guchi Kaikan 9F 1-14-14 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
81 (0) 3 3409 9810

Read more: Shibuya Takkyu Club |
Shibuya Higashi-guchi Kaikan 9F 1-14-14 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
81 (0) 3 3409 9810
Mon-Thu: 10am-4:30am, and Fri-Sun (and the day before public holidays): 10am to 5:30am

Read more: Shibuya Takkyu Club |


Click here for the 2009 State Ranking.


Old Photographs from Ian Stennard.


Doug McLean with President, Tamasu Co.,Ltd, Shunsaku Yamada - June 2007




Here are a few player quotes from past:

  1. I wasted my ability on the unworthy.

  2. Right you scrubbers, off the tables.

  3. Why can't I get a donkey the first round like the rest of you.

  4. If I hadn't lost that round I would have beaten you.

  5. I went asleep at the wheel.

  6. If there were two of me we could have won that doubles.

  7. My grandmother can play better than you




I have listed a few of the players over the years. No particular order. Men only. Tas Open Winners in red. Will do a list of women soon.     

My best players ( 70's onwards) would include: Peter Allie, Michael Denehey, Xavier Dixon then Brendan Black, Callan Wisby, Michael Trousdale.  Talented players over the years: Chris Stennard, Wes Masters, Rodney Huskins, Robert McCauley, Micheal Trousdale, Aidan Cutlan, Paul Black.

Also Keith Murray, Chris Forster, Roger Bonney, Phil Kinnane

Prior to 1970, players that come to mind: Tony Andrickonis, Darby Quinn, Ralph Wilcox, Geoff Saunders.          

Ackroyd, Laurie Aherne, Pat
Allie, Peter  
Andrikonis, Craig  
Andrikonis, Tony  
Atherton, Grant  
Babich, Joe Atherton, Christine
Barwick, Peter  
Beauchamp. Leigh  
Becker, Paul  
Benn, Geoff Bonham, Loretta
Bindoff, David  
Bindoff, Ivan  
Black, Brendan  
Black, Paul  
Bonney, Roger  
Buirski, Mark  
Calvert, Greg  
Calvert, Rex Goodsell, Maddy
Castaldi, Andrew  
Chung, David  
Colbourn, Mathew Horder, Denise
Colbourn, Michael  
Connor, Robert  
Cordell, Denis  
Cotgrove, Robbie  
Coy, Neil Knight, Marilyn
Curtis, O  
Cuthbert, Rodney  
Cutlan, Aidan  
Dalton, Tony  
Davey, Ian  
Deayton, Kerry  
Delbourgo, Daniel  
Denehey, Michael  
Direen, Justin  
Dixon, Xavier  
Doran, Bob  
Elliston, Bill  
Evans, Brian  
Farwell, Keith Pullen, Sue
Fisher, Chay  
Forbes, Ian  
Forster, Chris Rex, Jenny
Gifford, G  
Haines, Ken  
Hannon, Shane  
Harwood, Neil  
Healy, Joe  
Hennessey, Troy  
Herbert, John  
Hiller, Peter  
Hinds, Gareth  
Holden, Derek  
Howell, Andrew  
Huskins, Rodney  
Jak, Otto  
James, Ian  
Jones, Alf  
Jones, Rod  
Jorgenson, Jan  
Kerrison, Neil  
Kerslake, Mark  
Kinnane, Phil  
Krigorski, Peter  
Lau, Wing  
Leeds, Adam  
Lewis, John  
Long, Geoff  
Lum, K Y  
Ma Sen, Peter  
Mapley, Tim  
Massie, Roger  
Masters, Wes  
Maxwell, Paul  
McCauley, Robert  
McDermott, John  
McKellar, Alan  
McLean, Doug  
McMahon, Robbie  
Mehta, Bobby  
Mirams, Paul  
Mitchell, Brett  
Montfort, Kevin  
Morgan, Paul  
Morris, Rex  
Morrison, W  
Murray, Keith  
Neall, Michael  
Norman, Tim  
Nguyen, Mingh  
Owen, Roly  
Paul, Andrew  
Perry, Rex  
Plapp, Jason  
Plapp, Simon  
Priest, Matthew  
Proudlock, Geoff  
Quang, T  
Quinn, Darby  
Ramrakha, K  
Robinson, David  
Roob, Tony  
Saunders, Geoff  
Scott, Graeme  
Shepperd, Colin  
Smith, Tim  
Sowter, Nigel  
Stennard, Bill  
Stennard, Chris  
Stennard, Ian  
Stocks, Ian  
Stuart, John  
Sui, James  
Sullivan, Frank  
Tadd, Matthew  
Thomson, H  
Thorp. Michael  
Titmus, Barry  
Travers, Graeme  
Trousdale, Michael  
Wake, Ross  
Watson, Ron  
Weller, Ian  
Wharmby, Laurie  
Wilcox, Ralph  
Wilson, David  
Winmill, John  
Wisby, Callan  
Yaxley, Craig