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Mens Singles: Michael Colbourn def Keith Murray -19, 14, 16, 14

Womens Singles: RR- Julia Ralph (winner); Sharon Gathercole (R/U)

Mens Doubles: J Lewis/K Murray def M Colbourn/ D McLean 19, 18

Womens Doubles: S Jones/J Ralph def S Gathercole/ A Morgan 8,7

Mixed Doubles: A Howell/S Jones def J Lewis/J Ralph 8, -15, 21

Mens Veteran Over 35: M Colbourn def D McLean -14, 12, 19

Womens Veteran Over 35: RR S Gathercole (winner); Cathy Kelly (R/U)

Mens Veteran Over 50: D McLean def Bill Atkinson 11, 15

Womens Veteran Over 50: Desley Ruffin def Elizabeth Travis 20, 16

Junior Boys U17: I Bindoff (winner); D Lambert (R/U)

Junior Boys U 14: A Cutlan (winner); D Lambert (R/U)

Mens Consolation: J Lewis def A Goodsell -19, 14, 18

Vet Div 2 Singles: D Ruffin (winner); S Paynter (R/U)

Vet Special Doubles: C Lawton/ D Ruffin def M Colbourn/ J Weller 19, 20

Handicap Singles: S Gathercole def K Murray -14, 17, 15

Computer Ranking Doubles: A Howell / Keith Roberts (winner)

Special Singles "A": B Atkinson def S Gathercole 19, -16, 14

Special Singles "B": J King def D Ruffin 15, 15

Special Singles "C": W Fletcher def G Connor 19,19

Special Doubles: G Jones/S Paynter def B Atkinson/J Weller 16, 12


Results of Tasmanian Open held at Kingborough Sports Complex, 27 May 2000

Mens Singles:    Michael Colbourn def Doug McLean     -17, -18, 9, 20, 12

Combined  Consolation:    Wing Lau def Andrew Goodsell    12, 20

Womens Singles:    Benita Huskins def Susan Jones    19, -19, 19, 20

Mens Doubles: McLean/Colbourn d Andrew Castaldi / Matthew Priest    17, -11, 15

Womens Doubles:   Huskins / Irena Sakova def Sharon Gathercole / Fiona Tse    RR

Mixed Doubles:    McLean / Huskins def Brendan Black / Susan Jones    17, 18        

Mens Over 40 Singles:    Doug McLean def Michael Colbourn   -20, 10, 17 

Mens Over 60 Singles:    Geoff Benn def Peter Chung    13, 11

Under 18 Girls Singles:    Benita Huskins def Susan Jones    RR

Under 18 Boys Singles:    Ivan Bindoff def Callan Wisby    RR

Under 16 Boys Singles:    Callan Wisby def James Nettleton    RR

Under 14 Boys singles:    Alex Man def Tim Carolan    20, 17

Wrong Hand Singles:    Andrew Castaldi def Geoff Jones    11-5

Family Doubles:  David & Ivan Bindoff def Benita & Peter Huskins    -19, 18, 17

Random Doubles:  Ian Weller/ Peter Hole def M Priest/ Andrew Conlan    25, 16

Restricted Singles:         Andrew Goodsall def Bob Delbourgo    11, 10     



Australian Closed Results 2000

MS: Russell Lavale(V) d Simon Gerada(V) -8,18,14,11

WS: Miao Miao(V) d Tammy Gough (SA) 14,9,8

MD: M Smythe/S Gerada d P Langley/A Swanson (SA) 16,13

XD: S Gerada/Miao Miao d K Tran/P Campbell-Innes 18,19

U18 MS: John Tawadrous d Alex Swanson 17,-19,24

U18 WS: May Cho d Kerry Bungey 8,11

U18 MD: A Swanson/A Soh d R Abbas/M Nield 16,-18,14

U18 WD: M Cho/K Bungey d C & P Campbell-Innes 17,-16,9

U18XD: R Abbas/M Cho d A Swanson/K Bungey 15,19

U16 BS: John Tawadrous d Roy Abbas 8, 8

U16 GS: Claire Campbell-Innes d Marianna Lee 16, 5

U16 BD: D Clarke/B Harriott d J Tawadrous/J Beaumont 16,-15,15

U16 GD: M Lee/C Campbell-Innes d H Pearce/N Scales 13,16

U16 XD: R Abbas/C Campbell-Innes d B Harriott/M Lee 16,17

U14 BS: John Tawadrous d Andy Shih 5,13

U14 GS: Claire Campbell-Innes d Lauren Cole 7, 13

U14 BD: D Longbottom/J Tawadrous d R Clark/A Shih 18,14

U14 GD: M Beaumont/C Campbell-Innes d S Bray/M-J Parker 16,10

U14 XD: J Tawadrous/M Beaumont d A Shih/C Campbell-Innes 18,14

Unofficial Order of Merit for this Tournament Only

Men                        Women                    U18 Boys                U18 Girls

R Lavale(V)            Miao Miao(V)           M Ruhl(Q)               K Bungey(SA)

S Gerada(V)           T Gough(SA)            M Neild(SA)             A-M Jolley(SA)

M Smythe(V)          M Cho(SA)               C McKenna(Q)        D Abbas(SA)

B Clarke(Q)            P Campbell-Innes    A Wilson(V)            B Seiffert(NSW)

P Langley(SA)         C Campbell-Innes    A Hopper(Q)          S Zuidland(SA)

J Plumb(ACT)           C Montgomery(V)  R Abbas(SA)            S Jones(TAS) 

A Gilbert(V)             K Crowell(SA)          L Evans(WA)          L Daveson(Q)

K Tran(NSW)            K Longbottom(SA)                                 F Tse (TAS)  

A Swanson(SA)          J Ayton (SA)

C Fernando (V)        C Robinson (V)    

Tasmanian Closed - 26/8/2000

The Tas Closed witnessed the best field in a Championship this year with past players Brett Mitchell and Adam MacDonald returning to participate. The Mens final was won by Keith Murray who proved to be too consistant for fellow "Queenslander" Andrew Castaldi.

Benita Huskins, who has not being playing pennant, outplayed Susan Jones in an exciting Womens final.


Mens Singles: Keith Murray d Andrew Castaldi 8, -21, 12,11

Womens Singles: Benita Huskins d Susan Jones 5, -10, 22

Mens Doubles: Colbourn/McLean d Callan Wisby/Ian Weller 13, 13

Womens Doubles: RR Winner: Huskins/I Sakova. RU: Jones/ J Ralph

Mixed Doubles: John Lewis/ J Ralph d Colbourn/S Gathercole 11, 18

Mens Vets O 40: D McLean d D Bindoff 12, 20

Womens Vets: I Sakova d S Gathercole 11, 18

Super Singles (20-39): K Murray d A Castaldi 11-6, 11-2, 11-3

Mens U20: A MacDonald d B Mitchell -15, 16, 18

Womens U20: S Jones d B Huskins 20, 13

U16 Boys: Callan Wisby d Alex Man 23, 16

U14 Boys: Daniel Abley d Tim Carolan 15, 12

Special Singles: S Gathercole d Bill Atkinson 20, 6

Special Doubles: Atkinson/C Lawton d John & James Nettleton 20, 18

Mens Cons: Tim Carolan d Ivan Bindoff 18, 20

Womens Cons: Winner Fiona Tse: RU: Irena Sakova


0/40: Winners: John Stuart, Tim Smith.
          R/U: Doug McLean, Irina Sakova

0/50: Winners: Geoff Benn, Jacques Renard.
          R/U: John Stuart, Tom Brown.

0/60: Winners: Geoff Benn, Peter Chung.
          R/U: Brian Evans, Martin Hulsman.

0/70: Winners: Peter Hole, Martin O'Brien.
          R/U: Dave Sherman, Ron Vincent.

Trophy Traders State-Wide Veterans Championships 2000. 10/9/2000

0/40 MS: Doug McLean d Michael Colbourn 21-18, 21-11.
0/40 MD: R/R Winners: Doug McLean/Michael Colbourn.
             R/U: John Stuart/Tim Smith.                                             
0/40 XD: R/R Winners M. Colbourn/S. Gathercole.
                       R/U: D. McLean/J. Bowerman.
0/40 WS: Judy Bowerman d Sharon Gathercole. 21-12, 21-17
0/4 0WD: R/R Winners: J. Bowerman/S. Gathercole.
                        R/U: P Stennard/ E Travis.
0/40 Mixed Singles: Winner: Judy Bowerman.
                                   R/U: David Bindoff.

0/50 MS: Doug McLean d Geoff Benn. 21-13, 19-21, 21-13.
0/50 MD: R/R Winner: G Benn/D McLean.
                       R/U: B Evans/I Stennard.                           
0/50 XD: R/R: Winner: I Stennard/P Stennard.
                        R/U: T Brown/A Brown.
0/50 WS: Pam Stennard d Elizabeth Travis 21-8, 21-10.

0/60 MS: Geoff Benn d Brian Evans 21-13, 21-11.
0/60 MD: R/R Winners: G Benn/P Chung.
                        R/U: T Brown/D Kremmer.
0/60 WS: Aline Brown d Desley Ruffin 21-18, 21-15.

0/65 Doubles: Winners: Tom Brown/Desley Ruffin.
                         R/U: Peter Hole/Ray Worsley.

0/70 MS: R/R Winner: Peter Hole.
                       R/U: Dave Sherman.



Jan-Ove WALDNER def Guoliang LIU   19, 16, 19

Linqhui KONG def Joergen PERSSON 12, -13, 16, 13


Guoliang LUI def Jan-Ove WALDNER  16, 19, -17, -14, 13


Nan WANG d Ju LI   12, -12, -19, 17, 18

Jing CHEN d Jun Hong JING  -18, 14, 15, 10 for Bronze

Clarence Closed 2000 - 14/10/2000

Mens Open Singles: K Murray def B Black 14, -21, 17, 16

Womens Open Singles: R/R Winner S Jones, R/U A Morgan

Mens Open Doubles: M Colbourn/D McLean def J Lewis/ K Murray 17, 21

Mixed Open Doubles: C Wisby/S Jones def M Colbourn/S Gathercole 12, 15

Mens Veterans(35+): B Black def M Colbourn 18, 22

Womens Veterans (35+): R/R-Winner S Gathercole, R/U A Morgan

Mens Veteran Singles (50+): B Atkinson def G Jones 15, 16

Womens Veteran Singles (50+): D Ruffin def E Travis 19, 10, 17

Veterans Div 2 Singles (35+): D Ruffin def G Connor 14, 19

Veteran Spec Doubles: M Colbourn/E Travis def B Atkinson/J King 13, 17

Super Singles: K Murray def A Leeds 11-6, 11-5, 11-1

JB Singles(U17): R/R-Winner C Wisby, R/U I Bindoff

U14 Boys Singles: D Lambert def T Lawton 7, 14

Handicap Singles: K Murray def A Morgan (+14) 15, 19

Computer Doubles: R/R-Winner A Morgan/D Ruffin, R/U- S Gathercole/E Travis

Special Singles A: J Simmons def S Gathercole 14, 14

Special Singles B: J Taylor def J King 20, -18, 15

Special Singles C: G Connor def D Lambert 14, -16, 11

Special Doubles: C Lawton/D Ruffin def D Lambert / J Simmons 20, 18

Mens Consolation: J Fitzgerald def I Bindoff 19, -17, 18

Weller Junior Encouragement Award: Daniel Lambert.